How to choose a good domain name?

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Once you pick a promising niche for your new site, it’s time to choose a good domain name. In many cases, people have difficulties selecting this name. This is quite natural because this is an important decision that has a direct impact on your success. That’s why it highly recommended to do research before you purchase a domain name. Here’s what you can do to make a well-informed decision.

Consider domain extensions

There are dozens of domain extensions available on this market. If you are in the process of choosing a domain name, you should opt for a .com extension if this is an option. There’s a chance that the domain name you like can’t be registered with a .com extension and in situations like this, our advice is to consider the alternatives instead of choosing another extension right away. People are used on visiting .com sites and this is a huge advantage. They believe that these sites are trustworthy and it seems that search engines love them too.

Using the right keywords

Before launching a website, you should do keyword research. Of course, the main keywords will be used in your website’s content, but you should make an effort to include them in your domain name too. it’s a smart idea to write down the most popular five keywords and includes one of them in your domain name. This should not be a problem because most domain names today have at least two words.

Short vs long domain name

Generally speaking, registrants can purchase a domain name that includes 67 characters. However, experts agree that very long domain names should be avoided. Surely, you can include more keywords, but will the domain name look safe, relevant and memorable? Probably not. Domain names that include around 10 characters are preferred.

What to do if the domain name you like is taken?

As we said before, there are literally hundreds of thousands of registered domain names. There are individuals and organizations that are actually re-selling domain names for a living. So, what should we do if the domain name we like is not available? You have two options. First of all, you can contact the owner and try to make a deal with them. The second option is to look for alternatives. Unleash your creativity, make modifications or add new words in the domain name.

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